Automotive industry

360° automotive

For us, working for the automotive industry always brings with it challenges that we are happy to take on. Given that when made-to-measure production and tight delivery deadlines converge, our dynamic and effective team work flat out. What do we as mechanical engineers see as being a top priority during projects? Finding the best possible solution, working with absolute precision and ensuring top quality throughout. Whether it’s testing rigs, steering components, power modules or the most diverse machine assemblies, our work moves in sync with progress: Let us join forces to realise your own automotive manufacturing needs!

Professionals with dedication


Given our wide-ranging experience in dealing with custom productions of all types since 1997, we possess expert knowledge.


Finding the best-possible, most straightforward and cost-effective solution is an absolute top priority with us.


None of our products leave Weico without a thorough quality inspection.


To comply with your project’s time plan, we always deliver on time.