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Inspecting bridges at regular intervals is absolutely essential for the safety of all those who use them. Thanks to our underbridge inspection units, conducting renovation work on public and railway bridges is no problem at all. From the planning phase through to designing the access technology, we will accompany you every step of the way with our many years of experience. Throughout the process, we will take due care to consider all the conditions that are specific to your construction site. You’ll decide whether you would like to loan or buy the equipment, thus ensuring that you are best prepared for the next round of inspections. We find: By employing the right access technology and the right devices, any potential repair work can be handled with ease.

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USP bridges
Trailer equipment

Trailer equipment

When inspecting wide and busy bridges or even pedestrian bridges, mobility and the lightweight characteristic of any underbridge equipment is decisive. The specialist equipment brought to you by Weico Bridge offers the ideal solution for carrying out inspection, restoration and repair work. 

  • Maximum horizontal reach underneath the structure of 4.50m to 7.00m
  • The downward weight of the equipment
  • Minimum space requirement of 2.0m on the bridge
  • A coupling ball enables transport with a 4x4 vehicle
  • A hydraulic drive that simplifies the platform’s use
  • A 220-volt power connection enables the use of electrical devices on the platform
  • The unit’s self-assembly technology shortens both assembly and dismantling times
  • Professional training allows our customers to use our platforms autonomously
HGV equipment

HGV equipment

The horizontal reach of a platform is decisive when choosing a unit. The platforms from Weico Bridge reach a horizontal range of 23.00m below the bridge. Thanks to minimal space needs on the traffic lane above, the platforms do not inhibit the flow of traffic and it is not necessary to close a second lane.The semi-trailers MBI 180-1,7/S and MBI 210-2/S offer unique efficiency when it comes to inspection work. They are equipped with modern CCTV cameras, light barriers, ultrasound and remote control. Thanks to these features, one person is able to operate all the functions from the work platform – completely safe and unique in Europe.

  • Horizontal range of the platform up to 23.00m beneath the bridge, in order to ensure efficient renovation or inspection work
  • The shortest possible setup and dismantling times
  • With this equipment and cradle apparatus, hard-to-access bridge undersides can be reached with ease
  • Specialist devices overcome footpaths of up to a width of 4.25m and noise protection barriers of up to 5.5m in height
  • There is only minimal load bearing on the bridge caps given that no additional support requirements need to be met
Specialised equipment

Specialised equipment

Inspecting bridge pillars and bridge arches brings with it a number of key requirements for the access technology in use. When combined with the right pillar inspection lift or arch inspection lift, the bridge underside inspection equipment from Weico-Bridge knows almost no boundaries.Work without limits and combine the By Bridge platforms with a range of specialist equipment.

  • With pillar inspection cradles you can reach inspection and work areas located on bridge pillars up to a height of 100.00m
  • For work involving wide bridge pillars, the newly developed pillar service platform with a length of up to 6.00 m is an excellent choice
  • Work teams with a larger number of team members can be accommodated with ease
  • In order to inspect every square centimetre of a bridge arch with the 12.00m-wide arch service platform, this is lowered to a depth of down to 100.00 m
Cradle equipment

Cradle equipment

Those hard-to-access undersides of bridges with wide outer caps, framework areas, tension wires or noise protection barriers require a certain degree of flexibility when it comes to underbridge inspection equipment. Our flexible cradle equipment is particularly suitable for such work – especially for bridges with electrification infrastructure underneath.

  • A “rolling inspection” is possible given that no additional support structures are necessary
  • Safe working practices thanks to a secure cradle
  • The cradle offers sufficient space for three people and can carry a total weight of 350 kg
  • Flexible, problem-free handling of wide outer caps and noise protection barriers up to 5.00m in height
  • Difficult-to-access inspection sites can be reached with ease
  • The swivel telescopic arm allows for inspection work to be carried out on steelwork bridges as well as bridges situated above electrified rail infrastructure
Renovation equipment

Renovation equipment

This streamlined, flexible equipment enables work to be carried out on a cantilever arm parallel to the structureIts own drive motor means that it can move independentlyWith a total set up space of 1.65 m, it does not impact on the flow of trafficIdeal for conducting work where cantilever arm equipment is needed such as pipe installation, renovation work etc.

The durable MBS 230-2,4/S is one of the most cost-effective alternatives for long-term renovation work on bridges.
  • The maximum horizontal reach of this robust unit is between 17.00m and 23.00m
  • After receiving thorough instruction and training from our service personnel, the devices, which have been equipped with a hydrostatic drive, can be operated by your staff
  • The minimal set up space required on top of the bridge is most beneficial, standing at just 2.00m
  • Flexible working scaffold allows you to reach all desired areas
  • The equipment is able to overcome noise protection barriers up to a maximum height of 2.45m

Of course, we are also happy to hire out the machines along with operating staff from Weico Bridge. The machines are quickly set up without complication with the help of a mobile crane. Should you require any further information about the potential deployment options for this equipment and their efficient use, we will be more than happy to send you the respective technical data sheets either by email or fax.

Customised constructs

Customised constructs

With the integral support of the world's largest service hire company, the business Weico-Bridge became the market leader in Italy for bridge access technology. Weico-Bridge guarantees a whole host of time and cost savings through the target selection of the most suitable equipment for your scheduled work.
  • Planning and design of bridge access technology used for inspection and renovation work involving street and railway bridges.
  • The company Weico-Bridge is able, thanks to its many years of experience within the discipline of “access technology for bridges”, to meet each and every challenge that the user faces on site.
  • Sale and hire of bridge underside inspection equipment with innovative ideas.
  • Our 20 years of experience in the sector guarantee not only an innovative product, but also qualified service after the point of purchase or hire.
  • The entire product portfolio has been compiled in compliance with all current national and international safety guidelines.
Suspended platforms

Suspended platforms

Electric inspection lift – PEF-2.4/S
The modular suspended platform facilitates the safe and secure inspection and renovation of bridge arches and pillars.
  • Two chasses with access ladder to the platform
  • Wide chassis, 1.35m
  • Why platform, 2.40m

Various suspension options: from the chassis – from the bridge underside – from a guide rail – etc.The platform's opening system allows for the pillars to be traversed from one side to the other without any fuss.The equipment can be operated up to a wind speed of 12.5 m/s.

Electric inspection lift – PBS 80
Various suspension options:
  • From the chassis
  • On top of (or below) the structure
  • From a guide rail
  • Platform width – 0.80 m
  • Platform length: from 2m to 18m