Healthcare sector

Doing right by each and every individual

During projects within the healthcare sector, there is a whole host of criteria that must be fulfilled. Consequently, choosing the right materials and surface coating plays an important role, in order to ensure that hygiene standards are safeguarded. A high-quality product is absolutely essential for long-term use. And during the construction process we must make every effort to ensure that the end product meets each and every special need of the individual. We are able to depend on our vast experience within the healthcare sector, and are also able to deliver your equipment or machine on time.

Professionals with dedication


Given our wide-ranging experience in dealing with custom productions of all types since 1997, we possess expert knowledge.


Finding the best-possible, most straightforward and cost-effective solution is an absolute top priority with us.


None of our products leave Weico without a thorough quality inspection.


To comply with your project’s time plan, we always deliver on time.