Hotel industry and gastronomy

Exclusive wellness retreats

Every cafe, restaurant and hotel is unique in terms of its structural design, and thus brings with it its own specific demands. In order to guarantee guests a hassle-free stay, expedient process management and a stylish appearance are key. That's where we enter: We manufacture kitchen equipment, service lifts, canopies, railings, stairways and so much more, which are then integrated seamlessly into your day-to-day operations. Given that you almost definitely want to undertake any conversion work in between peak seasons, we make every effort to ensure the rapid implementation of your project. Meaning that you will be good to go on time for the start of the season and welcome your guests into your newly renovated hotel or gastro business.

Professionals with dedication


Given our wide-ranging experience in dealing with custom productions of all types since 1997, we possess expert knowledge.


Finding the best-possible, most straightforward and cost-effective solution is an absolute top priority with us.


None of our products leave Weico without a thorough quality inspection.


To comply with your project’s time plan, we always deliver on time.