Mechanical engineering

So what gets your (mechanic’s) heart racing?

One of our areas of expertise in which our passion for invention really comes to the fore: Personalised mechanical engineering. No matter whether it's based on a detailed plan or simply a few initial thoughts and nothing else – why not just get in touch and we’ll work together on implementing your vision. Once we have produced a first prototype in 3-D for your own unique machine, it will then go into production. The resulting precision component parts can then be used entirely as you wish for one-off, assembly or large-scale production.

Professionals with dedication


We simulate, test and optimise your custom production for as long as it takes.


We manufacture individual components with exact precision in our processing facilities.


Before handing over your machine, it must pass our quality assurance process.


We'll inspect your equipment at regular intervals and we’ll offer immediate assistance in the event of any disruption.