Cafè Stern Kastelruth

Cafè Stern Kastelruth


The challenge was to build a façade as a complete solution, which could be retracted into the floor on warm days and increase the bar area. The raising/lowering must be done smoothly and slowly as glass in particular is sensitive. Besides which, it can quietly impress the active guests.

Material, processing, special feature in detail

Façade: Schüco ADS/AWS75 HI
filling: Triple ISO glazing
Fittings flush with the surface

The finished solution

Fully retractable façade for better management of the bar area.

Weico’s impression

What we did here could almost be described as magic. Based on the idea from this demanding client, the façade for example can be automatically, mechanically and completely sunk into the ground so that no one trips over it.
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