Hotel Lamm - Tableware lift “Dish - Away”

Hotel Lamm - Tableware lift “Dish - Away”

Really good ideas are usually ingeniusly simple. This is also the case with our innovative tableware storage elevator.
This is paricularly suitable fo employees who have to cover many kilometres with dishes and cutlery. As so often happens in the hotel, defiles occur an not everything can be done immediatly. Usually the dishes have to wait. in this grandiose elevator, up to 200 kg of dishes can be stored in the single compartments. drawer. As soon as the rush hours are over, it can be moved. This unique product can be costumized.


  • noise and dishwasher on another floor
  • simply and straighforwardly
  • system and time saving 
  • practical application 
  • safe and conformal (CE-conformity)

Aesthetics: barely visible

Technical specifications:

  • dishes of 150 guests can be stored
  • size adjustment possible
  • capacity up to 200 kg per compartment
  • Expandable height by modulare system


  • storage and removal of dishes
  • direct descent to another floor: no noise or possibility of intermediate storage due to several buffer shelves
  • storage and removal of clean dishes 

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